Founded in November of 2012, Project TMI was designed to be… well… commentary on just about everything. A diary, really, of what it was like to be in my thirties. A decade and one total renovation later, it’s still going strong. I’m constantly adding posts, larger content expansions and slowly working on three novels that’ll serve as prequels to this… thing.


A Ghost Story

I’ve seen and experienced paranormal phenomena most of my life.  Or at least for as long as I can remember.  I can and do tell true ghost stories when prompted, one of them verifiable – at least as much as you can verify something like that – by a total nonbeliever.  I got teased a…

Post-Seattle – (3.0… Again)

For all that the trip to Seattle was pleasant, and a chance for me to see a place I’d never seen, it wasn’t everything that I thought it would be – in that 3.0 had ulterior motives for inviting me there… motives he did not communicate until after I’d gotten back home and was settling…

2022 Travels – Part II – Seattle

In August I made good on a promise I made to myself about a decade ago to do something BIG during my 39th year.  A celebration of life, as it were – and an acknowledgement of my birth mother, who had passed away during hers.  The opportunity came, ironically, courtesy of 3.0, who I’d (platonically)…

Hinge – A Review

The second app on my list to review was Hinge. I’ll admit that I’d been intrigued by the concept of this one for a while. Its advertisers have claimed that it’s the “dating app designed to be deleted” and that users were more likely to go on second dates. Apparently, this is due to some…


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