… My brain never sleeps.

I wouldn’t call this a strength, necessarily, since I’m a zombie most of the time, but it does make for good writing material.

My name is Victoria and Project TMI is my brainchild. With its first post published on my thirtieth birthday in 2012, it was originally designed to be a record of my doings of the decade.

I had no idea, when I created it, that it would grow to the scope that it did, with over 700,000 words, hundreds of subscribers, and thousands of views from all over the world – or that it would resonate with so many people.

Its original form was destroyed in 2020 in a hacking incident, so what you’re looking at today is a new-and-improved format that consists of new features, new posts, and (eventually) all of the original archives. Restoring it has been a lot of work, but I have to say, it was almost a blessing in disguise, as it gave me the chance to really grow it into what it needs to be, given that this thing is more massive than I ever expected it to become.

And it’s still growing.

Someone asked me once when I thought Project TMI would end. Honestly, I have no idea… I assume that the blog will tell me. Maybe the stories will stop coming. Maybe I’ll finally settle down, sometime, into some boring little existence where drama worth writing about doesn’t find me anymore.

Maybe I’ll settle down and drama worth writing about will STILL find me.

Maybe I’ll be writing this thing from my nursing home… and then I’ll pass it down to my equally capable nieces so they can continue with their stories.

Or they’ll harvest my brain and I’ll still be creating posts long after my body has decomposed.

I just don’t know. But as of right now… I show no signs of stopping.

My claim to fame? Telling you EVERYTHING without actually revealing ANYTHING.