A Prowl Christmas

Prowl and Little Prowl followed the Human to Kentucky to spend Christmas in the cold.

Prowl wants to help, so he and Little Prowl climb the Christmas tree and begin adjusting the garland and setting up the ornaments.

They run across Santa on their way to get more ornaments.

Santa is tired. He’s been delivering packages all night and would like to take a nap on his tricycle. He can barely hold himself up.

He asks the Prowls if they would mind to deliver the last few presents.

Prowl agrees and Santa gives him an elf-sized Santa hat to wear.

Prowl tries it on. It does not fit. He cannot see out of this stupid thing.

Little Prowl laughs at him.

Prowl is dismayed.

“If you think it’s so funny, YOU can wear it.”

Prowl jams the hat onto Little Prowl.

Little Prowl cannot see and protests. But Prowl does not listen.

He will be the overseer of this operation. He’s the boss, after all.

They set to work, unloading the gifts. After noticing that one of the tags was missing, Prowl orders Little Prowl to climb up the gift bag to fix it.

He allows Little Prowl to use his head as a stepladder.

Prowl notices that Little Prowl forgot to put the hat on.

If the humans come now, their cover will be blown.

He tosses it up to Little Prowl and tells him to put it on.

Little Prowl loses his balance and falls out of the bag.

The fall knocks Little Prowl out.

Prowl stuffs him into the elf hat and drags him away.

Santa will be pleased that Christmas is done… but Prowl thinks that next year he will have to recruit someone else to help him pass out gifts.

Little Prowl is useless.

Little Prowl snores.