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Internet Dating Escapades XXXVI

This showed up in my personal email inbox the other day…  I have no idea who this guy is, or how he got my email address… because even in my single days, I NEVER had a profile on ChristianMingle.  I even checked… just to make sure I didn’t inadvertently sign up for one one night when I was shitfaced or something (but even when shitfaced I have more sense than that), and I didn’t.

So this was totally weird.  Oh well..








Internet Dating Escapades XXXIII

Double the fun today.



Internet Dating Escapades XXXII

This guy is 19.  I’m 31.  I think the rest speaks for itself.




Internet Dating Escapades XXX



I almost retorted with “I can’t imagine why” when he said no one responds.

But then I decided to let this one speak for itself.

At least he’s easily pleased.

Internet Dating Escapades XXIX


Seriously, what did he think I was going to say?

Does this ever work?

Internet Dating Escapades XXVIII


Yes, ladies… apparently we are supposed to be impressed when a man figures out how to send heart emoticons through his iPhone.

Clearly my standards are not low enough yet.

Internet Dating Escapades XXVII

IDE#8-1  IDE#8-2  IDE#8-3


FYI – my real name is part of my screen name on this site.  And it is very prominently displayed.

Apparently the Florida heat makes one stupid and unobservant.

Actually, this guy was probably already there…


(Also, all three files work, despite the fact that WordPress is showing a broken link on my computer.)

Internet Dating Escapades XXVI


I wonder what he’d have done if I’d said yes?

Internet Dating Escapades XXV



This was sent on a Saturday.

I just let the idiot keep talking until he realized that he’s a dumbass.

Because sometimes silence speaks volumes.

Internet Dating Escapades XXIV

IDE#4-1 IDE#4-2