Prowl Dates Kitty

At Kitty’s urging, Prowl takes her out for a night on the town.

At the restaurant, they see a sign for a Blacklight Party. Kitty thinks this would be fun.

Prowl disagrees. He does not own anything suitable for a Blacklight party.

He orders dinner and watches as Kitty makes a pig of herself.

He warns her not to get too fat.

Prowl orders a pitcher of beer.

Kitty takes one whif and decides she does not like it.

Prowl orders her something girly instead.

Kitty likes the pink color. She likes the taste too.

Prowl tells her to slow down.

Prowl scales the pitcher of beer and drinks half. It does the job.

He looks over at Kitty and watches as she cleans her whiskers midway through the strawberry margarita.

Those damn connections on her paws are so appealing.

Prowl cannot help himself. He grabs Kitty, pushes her against the blacklight signage at the end of the table, and has his way iwth her.

Kitty squeals with delight, and is careful not to tear his insignia.

After Prowl has had his way with her, Kitty finishes the rest of her drink.

It is too strong for her. She can’t handle it and passes out next to it.

The waiter, disgruntled by the mess on the signage and the passed-out cat on the table takes the alcohol away.

Prowl and Kitty are given a lifetime ban.

This won’t stop Prowl. But Kitty… Kitty doesn’t feel so good.

Prowl looks down at her in disgust. What did he just do?? He guesses it’s time to take her home.

Prowl grabs her by the cords and drags her away.

Stupid kitty.

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