Where’s Kitty?

Prowl is enjoying an afternoon on the town. It has been a while since he’s been out with the human without needing to worry about the stupid Kitty.

He demands some cider and dinner.

The Cider arrives first. Prowl consumes it quickly and waits patiently while dinner is prepared.

The cider is very strong this evening and begins to rush to his head quickly.

Dinner is equally excellent. He prepares to demand another cider from the human when his cell phone rings.

It is the boss. There’s been an emergency and he needs Prowl to return to work immediately.

Prowl arrives at work to find the boss in a panic. Kitty has gone missing and can’t be found anywhere.

Prowl is pissed. He was having a good time, not worrying about the kitty, now he HAS to worry about the stupid kitty.

But he agrees to look for her anyway… he needs to set an example… get a promotion maybe.

Prowl looks around the office. Kitty is not at her desk. She’s not snuggled up with Little Prowl either (for this, Prowl is happy).

He decides to check the landscaping that the stupid humans keep in the middle of the office. It’s a jungle in there. Maybe Kitty decided to go for a smoke break and got lost.

He scales the nearest desk and sees a flash of pink in the greenery.

That’s not supposed to be there.

Ugh… stupid cat.

He carefully pushes his way through the massive vegetation. There are thorns everywhere.

He doesn’t understand the appeal. Also, he is a giant robot.

Why are these plants so fucking big?

He finds Kitty sitting up against one of the shrubs. Demands to know why she ran away.

She explains that she wanted him to look for her so that they could have a picnic… Isn’t this romantic?

Prowl is pissed.

Without another word, he grabs Kitty by the cords and pulls her away.

Kitty squeals happily, but Prowl tells her she needs to go back to work. He wants to get back to the party and she’s not invited. He leaves Kitty by her desk and storms away.

He returns to the bar and demands another cider. The human obliges promptly.

Prowl scales the bottle and fits himself headfirst into its contents.

Giant Robots should not have to work that hard on a Friday.

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