Prowl Meets Prowl

At work, one Friday, Prowl passes by a mysterious package on his way to harass Kitty.

It can’t be… this package says that this is another Prowl.

It doesn’t make any sense… there IS no other Prowl.

Prowl storms off to tell Kitty of his discovery.

He returns with Kitty. They are both confused. Prowl is also angry… there will be no other Prowls here.

Kitty is excited. If there is another Prowl, perhaps she can finally have that Autobot threesome she always wanted.
And it doesn’t count as cheating if they are both the same robot, right?

Prowl grumbles and pulls at Kitty’s cords. Kitty purrs.

They both sit there, staring at the new Prowl. He does not move. He can’t be real.

Kitty pokes at the package, trying to get a reaction. There is none. She signs.

Prowl calls for the boss. Demands an explanation.

“This is our new employee. His name is Prowl too,” the boss explains.

“He will provide security for our company and transforms into a police car.” Prowl grumbles. He read Botboy’s comments about how he does not transform and is still a little bitter about it.*

Kitty is torn between the desire to comfort Prowl and wanting to meet the new Prowl. She has never seen a transforming robot before.

Prowl puts Prowl’s package on the floor. Attempts to open it. May as well get it over with.

After all, we have to show the new Prowl who is boss.

Prowl springs from the package and introduces himself to Prowl and Kitty.

Prowl can see that Little Prowl is gazing lustfully at Kitty’s cords. There will be none of this. He tells Kitty to go back to her desk and wait for him there. He has business to attend to.

“We must get along,” the boss advises as the robots stare at each other.

Prowl grumbles. Asks Little Prowl if he can see his hammer.

Little Prowl agrees and hands it over.

Prowl walks away, leaving Little Prowl to discuss things with the boss.

He brings the hammer to Kitty, who is waiting patiently for him at the end of the hall.

He tells her he can use this the next time she needs to pleasure herself while he is away.

Kitty looks at it and purrs loudly, wondering (momentarily) where Prowl will go. She decides it’s best not to question it. There’s always Little Prowl if she gets lonely.

Kitty studies the hammer and fantisizes about all the things she could do with this.

She also wonders whether Little Prowl is little everywhere, or if his size only applies to his height.

She purrs a little too loudly. Prowl hears her and gets upset.

Prowl snatches the hammer from Kitty and pulls her away by the cords. This will teach her to fantasize about other, smaller, Autobots.

Little Prowl looks on… he really wants his hammer back. But, more, he wants to get to know Hello Kitty a little better.

Those cords are really quite intriguing.

*The reference above originates from a comment posted by Botboy on the original version of this blog (and post) that was made in October of 2013. The original comment read:

“This is not an original Prowl (who – by the way – was released in 1984, not 1985). This is Action Master Prowl, the non-transforming version from 1990. Also, he is missing all of his accessories.

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