Hello Kitty’s Photoshoot

It’s a slow day at work. Hello Kitty was in the breakroom, talking about a photoshoot she did over the weekend.

Prowl is bored. He investigates and finds this photo of Kitty in a cupcake.

Ugh… cuteness… disgusting. He clicks to the next image.

A bikini photo? Just what kind of photo shoot WAS this?


Prowl is furious. This… this is scandalous.

Fucking slut. Kitty is not supposed to be getting close to anyone. Anyone other than Prowl, that is.

What could a cookie monster possibly do for Hello Kitty anyway that Prowl cannot do?

He marches off to find Kitty immediately.

Kitty is at her workstation when Prowl finds her.

He calls her a whore and demands to know what else she did with the Cookie Monster.

But he doesn’t wait for an explanation as he grabs her by the cords.

He plans to give her a spanking that she won’t forget and doesn’t care if HR hears about it or not.

But then he looks down and notices something new… a tattoo?

Kitty purrs when he questions her… she thinks Prowl will be pleased that she got her own insignia.

Prowl takes a closer look.

Prowl takes a closer look.

Decepticons!! Stupid Kitty. What the hell have you done??

Prowl is furious. She’s not only taken stupid swimsuit photos, had illicit relations with the Cookie Monster; but now she’s gotten a Decepticon tramp stamp?

Prowl turns to leave. This is too much.

Kitty pleads with him to stay and wraps her cord around his leg.

She doesn’t know what she was thinking.

No one can twist her cords the way that Prowl can. No one can plug into her quite as well. No one will tolerate as much cuteness as Prowl does.

She begs for him to stay, promises to do anything… ANYTHING.

Prowl studies her for a moment. He cannot fix the Hello Kitty porn. He cannot fix the Cookie Monster affiar.

But the tattoo he can fix. He grabs her by the cord and pulls her away.

Kitty whimpers at his roughness.

They return an hour later.

Neither have eaten and kitty is sore.

Prowl has, during their lunch break, replaced her tattoo with the correct one.

A less offensive one.

He tells her to consult with him the next time she decides to get a tramp stamp.

She throws herself at him, promising she will try not to be so stupid next time.

He stands there and lets her fawn over him momentarily as he inspects his handiwork.

He would have preferred her skin to have remain virgin… but if she had to have a tramp stamp, at least she got the correct symbol.

The more he stares at it, the more it grows on him. He plans to punish her further later for the Cookie Monster and porn antics.

Hello Kitty purrs with anticipation and gets back to work.

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