Prowl’s Work Afterparty

Hello Kitty chains herself to Prowl’s cubicle again. Prowl comes back from lunch and finds her there.

Hello Kitty, you are relentless. Giant Robots do not WANT relationships with silly kitties… but… then… those connections on your paws are quite intriguing.


Party after work? Sign me up!!

Will there be Strongbow?

Or, better yet, Energon?

Prowl attempts to get the car ready to go. It’s not even made of metal… it’s some kind of weird squishy foam. Prowl thinks this is ridiculous. He cannot be the designated driver in this thing.

At the party, Prowl inspects the pot of queso.

“Wait… where are the pretzels??? You ate them all, didn’t you… stupid human.”

Ugh… queso all down my front. Must fix immediately.

Strawberry Margarita. It’s not a Strongbow. But it’ll do. For now.

Prowl takes a selfie. He texts it to Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty swoons.

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