Prowl Sends a Selfie

Prowl decides to grab a bite to eat before hitting the town to make a new blog. There’s no food in the house to be found… except this… this… styrofoam container with this triangle-thing in it. It does not glow, yet it shines with a strange, liquidy substance that the human explains is grease. Grease?? He tastes it anyway. It will do… time to get down to business.

He is disappointed to find that this place does not have Strongbow on the menu. The human recommends Crispin.

Prowl tastes it. It’s quite good. yes, this will do in a pinch. He orders two.

Prowl generously offers to get the tab. He wraps himself in paper and texts Kitty a photo, hoping to impress her with his benevolence. Kitty texts him back and says, “Meh.”

Prowl is depressed.

He orders himself another drink – this time something a little stronger – and sits next to one of the more giant bottles on the table, wondering where he went wrong.

Prowl asks the waiter for a crayon. He is very drunk, but he must impress Kitty somehow. He begins by writing his name. No… that isn’t good enough. There needs to be more… yes… a declaration of sorts. He begins to draw. Finishes this. He is pleased.

He poses next to it and sends a photo to Kitty.

He snaps a photo of himself, posing next to his wonderful declaration. Before sending it, though, he notices it…

Oh no. Kitty will know what he has done. How embarrassing.

He was saving it all for her, but he could not help himself. The thoughts of those wonderful connections on her paws were just too much.

But he sends it anyway… with the caption “IGNORE THE STAIN!”

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