Prowl on the Town

Prowl takes over security for his new apartment complex and uses the position to survey his new domain.

Satine drops by to give Prowl a sniff and congratulate him on his new position. Prowl is not intimidated. Giant robots are not afraid of oversized kitties.

Assured that Satine has things under control, however, Prowl takes Sebastian for a spin and is in disbelief that Sebastian will not transform into a companionable robot.

He stops at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, accompanying the human on a mad quest to find a very old brand of soda.

He was not impressed that the slot machines also did not transform into something more… amusing.

He was also not amused to find that there is no Energon on the menu here either.

Oh well… on to the next stop. Perhaps there will be Energon there.

Protein bars. Not exactly the energy we were hoping for.

The new coworker suspends herself from her cubicle and plants her ass right on Prowl’s head.

Prowl thinks she could have been more subtle, but he still wouldn’t have been interested.

Giant robots do not flirt with Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty, you are ridiculous.

After work, Prowl accompanies his human coworkers to The Pub at International Mall.

He agrees to be their designated driver.

He can disguise himself as a police car, after all.

While the human was in the bathroom, Prowl places an order for them and decides to order a Strongbow for himself.

After all, giant robots are not lightweights.

Strongbow delivered. This… this is quite tasty.

So tasty, in fact, that Prowl scales the bottle to ensure that no drop is left behind.

Prowl orders another and, inspired by the recent Miley Cyrus performance on the VMAs, twerks the Strongbow bottle before consuming its contents.

Unaccustomed to spirits, Prowl needs a nap and passes out on top of the recently emptied Strongbow bottle.

The humans move on to the Cheesecake Factory and Prowl awakens to the sight of a martini. He enjoys it while soaking in the ambience.

The night is just getting started.

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