Prowl Meets the ThinkPad

“Hey… human… whatcha doin??”

Prowl can never seem to keep his mind on his own business.

He is extremely disappointed that the human went to KFC without him for lunch.

He is even more pissed off that the human ate all the damn chicken. All that’s left is this Mountain Dew, and it’s substandard. It doesn’t even have any alcohol in it.

Stupid human… what were you thinking??

A “ThinkPad”… hmmm… wtf is a Thinkpad?

The human explains that it is a Giant Robot-sized computer that he can used. He is excited by the prospect but seriously doubts its ability to help him think.

He is already advanced far beyond anything you humans have manufactured.

He sets to work, attempting to open the box anyway.

So… much… tape… Ugh.

After much difficulty he opens the box and manages to unwrap and pull out the ThinkPad. He begins to open it to see what’s inside. The screen is glowing… what is this??

This… this… it is beautiful. It is mesmerizing. It is… Just. My. Size!!

Someone must see this… but who… oh yes… the Kitty.

He calls up Hello Kitty. Tells her they are going for a walk.

He grabs her by the cords and drags her to the location of the new ThinkPad. Kitty protests. She does not understand why he must always be so rough with her (though secretly she enjoys it).

Kitty is brought into the presence of the ThankPad. She is not as overjoyed as Prowl.

Prowl doesn’t care. The screen is beautiful. It is hypnotic. Seductive, even. How could one expect a kitty to understand.

Prowl pulls her cord a little tighter and explains that he wants to see if her ports will fit into the slots in the sides.

Kitty shrieks with excitement.

The boss hears everything.

“Now Prowl, you can’t be harassing Hello Kitty like this… think of all the paperwork…”

“Pssshhh…,” Prowl replies. “Stupid rubber-looking business-person human… I am a Giant Robot. I do what I want. Now, get me some Energon and let me look at that screen some more.”

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