Prowl Has Surgery

Prowl has been studying one of the selfies he took not long ago. He is displeased by his insignia. It is breaking.

With every party, every drink, every encounter with Kitty, it gets more and more shredded.

Perhaps it is her claws. Hmm.. Something must be done to fix this.

He calls Ratchet. Ratchet is busy with the other Autobots. So he makes do with Dr. Penguin, the famous plastic surgeon from Rome.

Dr. Penguin is confident that he can fix Prowl’s issue.

Prowl is not so confident, but Ratchet is booked and the insignia tears are getting worse, and he feels he has no other options.

Kitty feels horrible about shredding his insignia during their late-night sex parties. She offers to pay for the surgery but wants to meet Dr. Penguin first.

Dr Penguin is pleased to meet Kitty. He shows them several insignia options that are available. Kitty gets excited.

Prowl tells her to shut up and makes her wait in the waiting room. Insignia selection is serious Robot business. Stupid kitties cannot understand such complexities.

Prowl is prepared for surgery.

Kitty sits quietly beside him… she is worried. She sniffles and wonders where she will find another Autobot to drag her around if Prowl does not survive.

Prowl tells Kitty to shut the hell up. Kitty twitches in anticipation and grabs her cords in excitement. She loves being yelled at – even when he’s like this.

Prowl is sedated and taken into surgery.

Dr. Penguin begins the operation.

The old insignia is carefully removed.

Dr. Penguin is careful to make sure he gets it all.

The new insignia is fitted carefully onto his chest. The incision is closed, screws are tightened.

Prowl is recharged and awakens immediately.

He asks the human how he looks. The human assures him he has never looked better.

Well, perhaps when he was new, he thinks, but this is as good as it will get now.

Prowl is satisfied and seeks out Dr. Penguin.

He shakes Dr. Penguin’s wing.

Dr. Penguin has done him a great service.

He tells the doctor that he will put in a good for him on Yelp.

Dr. Penguin is pleased.

Prowl finds Kitty, who has been waiting impatiently in the waiting room, biting her cords and pacing back and forth.

She is overjoyed to see Prowl and is pleased that his insignia looks so pretty.

Pleased that Kitty is satisfied, Prowl grabs her by the cords again and prepares to leaves the surgical center.

Kitty squeals with delight as he drags her out the door.

Replacement insignias for Transformers can be purchased at

Special thanks to Botboy for the website suggestion and Autobot insignia diagnosis and prescription.

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