COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 3

About three months ago, I moved from the apartment complex that I’d lived in during my entire Florida tenure to a nicer, newer complex that is only about three miles from my office.  It is much safer and quieter here (for the most part), and cheaper than what I was paying (at least for now – since they always get you in at a low rate, then increase prices every year you stay thereafter). 

Last night, due to the virus, they sent four identical emails to the community to let us know that, due to the virus, they are closing the doors to the main office and will only be communicating with residents through email, their portal, or by phone.  They are really bad about answering the phone, and I try to have as little contact as I can with them anyway, aside from getting air filters and picking up packages the delivery people are too lazy to leave at my door. 

It also means that if something breaks around here, I’ll either have to wait until this is over or fix it myself, since the maintenance crews aren’t doing any in-home repairs right now that aren’t absolutely urgent.  I’ve had a house before – I can do a lot of things on my own.  But this makes me (almost) glad that my furnace had a clog about three weeks ago and I asked the maintenance guy to look at my shower issue too while he was here (the hot water didn’t work properly).  This whole self isolation thing would be eminently worse I did not have hot water in the shower.

Not having the benefit of knowing that if something breaks it will be fixed promptly for who knows how long is kind of a pain, but I’ve taken the steps I need (like calling Amazon this morning and telling them to ship things directly to my door instead of delivering them to the leasing office) to get the things I have to have without needing to go in there so I’ll be ok.  Bonus Points: Publix sells the apartment-sized air filters that fit my unit if I have to replace it again before all of this is over.

Speaking of Publix, it wasn’t exactly packed, but the shelves really were bare… like where, just last week, I could go get groceries and had plenty of choices, now it was more difficult to find what I was looking for.  I am really, really, really glad I started doing this stocking up thing a long time ago.  It would be hell to try to find all my groceries right now – at this point, like I wrote a couple of days ago, all I have to worry about is replenishing the stock I already have with a like (or similar) item. 

Trying to avoid food delivery and drive-thru as much as I can… I am sure they are safe, especially since basically every restaurant I patronize has sent me an email over the last several days saying they are going to be shutting down their dining areas, but there is absolutely no reason to buy what I can cook on my own.

Working from home is still going well.  They’re going to start letting me facilitate webinars next week, and while I’m a little nervous, I kind of can’t wait.  That’s what I used to do every day, three times a day, and it was pretty great.  Also, I love the team I work with.  I mean I wouldn’t cut my arm off for them (but I wouldn’t do that for anyone), but there’s not a lot that I wouldn’t do to help out where I’m needed to, and I’m pleased that I get the opportunity to branch out a little and show them what I can do.

Daily Developments

  • They’ve shut down all the apartment amenities.  So no gym.  No pool (but I didn’t use that anyway).  No leasing office.  I’m going to have to get creative about exercising, but this is a nice area, seems to be safe, maybe it’s time to start walking in the late afternoons again like I used to. 
  • Publix was empty.  Like… the only thing that was really, truly stocked were the pickles and the supplies for baking.  I am eminently glad that I know how to bake.  And to cook.  My mother did me a true solid when she taught me that skill.  What used to just be a selling point… a novelty item for the dating market has now become a survival mechanism.  Breads, desserts, crackers, snacks… there’s so much that you can do with a little bit of those basic things, and I always keep a lot of those things on hand.

Things I’m Happy About:

  • I have a four day weekend.  I requested PTO ages ago, and kept it so I could take care of some things. 
  • I’ll go down to see Lord Ormsby tomorrow (we no longer live together due to our work situations).
  • My patio is set up nicely so that, if I can’t go out and hang out outside too much due to needing to stay away from society in general, I can sit out on the patio read.  It’s really quite homey.
  • Streaming television.  And cable.  It’s been nice to be able to have Seinfeld and Friends on during the day when I’m working – even if I’m not really watching it that closely.

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