COVID- 19 Chronicles: Day 2

Spent some time today going over my quarantine rations, taking stock of what I’ve eaten (so I know what I need to replace) and what is in the weekly Publix ad.  I’ll probably go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Work was mostly business as usual, but had some fairly moderate computer issues throughout the day.  Nothing I couldn’t resolve, but I definitely got tired of putting in my Multi-Factor authenticator throughout the day.

I think I’ve found my “background noise” routine – Bay News 9 in the morning, followed by the daily Friends marathon on TBS in the afternoon.  I don’t really watch it, per se, because I am actually working, but it was especially helpful today since the only other ambience was the sound of the leaf blowers and lawn mowers outside, cutting the grass in the complex. 

There’s not a lot of news to report today on my front – I mean for the most part, I get up, I work from home, then I log off and think about what I’m going to have for dinner.  I have a lot of chicken that I need to use, but I don’t really want chicken tonight.  I’ve been considering freezing it, actually, so that it’ll keep longer and I can thaw and use it as I need it. 

At any rate, there’ll probably be more to report tomorrow since it’ll be the first time I’ve left my house since Monday night.  I’m curious to see what the stores look like now.

Daily Developments:

  • I am pretty sure my cats have no idea what is going on, but they seem to be over the moon that I no longer get up in the morning only to leave the house for the whole day.  They take turns sitting in my lap and “helping” with my work duties.
  • The government is talking about implementing a stimulus of some sort.  Compared to the amount of money people are losing on a daily basis as jobs are cut and new work in skilled fields (such as the AV/Entertainment industry) is hard to find, whatever they send out will be a drop in the bucket, but it will help a little… probably.

Things I’m happy about:

  • I still have chocolate chip cookies.
  • I actually slept last night (without drugs).
  • I managed to fix some computer issues today and sent a report to our IT department, so they knew how to help people troubleshoot.
  • I may FaceTime with my nieces tonight.  😊

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