Holiday Hiatus

As predicted, I spent this Thanksgiving alone.  But a lot of things got done…

I logged a good ten miles of foot traffic over the weekend. Hopefully I’ll win the corporate competition – I figure I have a good shot, since most of them live in Chicago where it is freezing and since most of them will have spent Thanksgiving with their families.  There are, I suppose, perks to being alone on holidays.


I started painting.  On canvas.  It’s my first time with canvas.  But a few weeks ago, I had a dream – of an Egyptian Ankh.  The dream would not leave me.  So I painted it.  Once the painting is completely finished, I’m hanging it opposite the channel print that was done for me several months ago.


Prowl got a makeover.  His posts will be up again starting on Friday.  (Thanks, Botboy, for the paint suggestions.)


The tarot class I started last July is now nearly completed.  My readings are scarily accurate – I’ve made a believer out of a lot of people.  When I met, Friday, with the psychic I first visited back in  May, our conversations now are just that – conversations.  Energy blends.  He’s not telling me anything I don’t already know – and I’m able to add to it.  Our tarot spreads are identical.  Where I was blindly feeling my way through things in May, I’m breezing through them now – the Empath part of me has expanded into something bigger.  The Empath is still there.  It will always be there.  The voices are always there, too.  But they are different.  I am different.  I know how to control it, to wield it, if you will.  That’s not to say that sometimes I don’t still have issues differentiating between what is them and what is me, but I am getting better.  And now I have a new teacher.


And there are other things… two other things… big things.  But (and I realize this goes against the TMI creed), I think that some things, now, are better left unsaid.  At least until they become worth talking about.


Posts will get back to normal soon.  In the meantime, I hope everyone had a good weekend.


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