Internet Dating Escapades Part I

I’m starting a new mid-week series.

I’ve put my profiles back up… I don’t actually expect anything to come of this.  But, part of being open to something new is opening the doors and allowing something new to happen.  Most of the messages I get on a regular basis are not messages that I would normally answer.  It gets disheartening when you look at all the crazy people who fail to read a well-assembled profile and still message you with their own agendas anyway.

But then I thought… huh… what if I started answering these?  Like, what if I started answering these in a completely non-serious, I’m not interested way.  Would they get the idea?  Would they back off?  Or would they continue to pursue this?

So I started doing this.  In some ways, this benefits my profile.  Because it makes my message rates go up… people can see that I reply often, it shows people that they don’t have to be intimidated.  In other ways, it simply allows me to take out the frustration of daily interactions with the less-than-intelligent general public… because I can’t be sarcastic like this at work.

And the best part?  It gives me something to laugh about later.  Maybe it’ll give you guys something to laugh about, too.  Or at least something to shake your head at in disbelief.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

So without further ado, here is the first one (click on the photo to enlarge it — I promise, it’s not a virus and it’s totally worth it):



I didn’t hear anything else out of him.

Somehow I’m not surprised… are you?

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