TransFormers and Travelocity Gnomes: The Adveventures of Prowl Part I

At the end of the last relationship, one of my friends suggested that I steal a TransFormer from Bot. The toy then would be used in blog posts… like a Travelocity gnome.  You know the concept… gnome in Paris, gnome in England.  Etc.

Now, I am no thief.  I would not have stolen any of his toys… I realized their value and I could not have lived with myself for doing something like that.  But I thought the idea was hilarious.  I wanted to do it, but I wanted it to MEAN something.  Like… I wanted it to be one of the ones that we’d talked about.  And not just the name, but the figure too… the exact model.  The exact robot.

So… I went looking.  I knew which one I wanted.  I knew what it looked like (sort of) from the blurred images I’d see on Skype.  I just didn’t know what it was called.  Months of research later, and I found what I was looking for.  Or a close representation of what I was looking for, anyway, considering I know next to nothing about TransFormers (well not next to nothing… I did date the Bot for several months… but still very little). I bought it on Ebay.

It didn’t have to be perfect… just recognizable.  Prowl arrived today.  And we’ve been having adventures ever since.  He travels in my purse next to my tarot cards and pendulum which is, I realize, rather an insult to his logical personality, but I don’t need to carry two bags.  And anyway, I look ridiculously and hilariously silly when I pull this thing out of my purse and begin posing it on my desk, dinner table, car, etc.

I realize that this has nothing to do with sex, love, dating, or relationships… except that maybe this is one of the ways that I managed to get myself over that hump.  But it amuses me.  And hopefully it will provide some sort of break from the norm as I post the photos and their captions here.

20130830_085954 Prowl makes his arrival.  He is happy to be out of his box.

20130830_085923  He sets off to work immediately and manages to finish an entire section of the FAQ before the afternoon webinar.

20130830_125220 He then proceeds to do the afternoon webinar but cannot fathom the stupidity of the humans who do not understand how to use a mouse.

20130830_142305  Lunchtime.  No Energon.  It’s okay.  He wasn’t really hungry anyway.

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2 thoughts on “TransFormers and Travelocity Gnomes: The Adveventures of Prowl Part I

  1. Fiercely Yours August 30, 2013 at 7:42 pm Reply

    Very fun.

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